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Live Concerts and Activities

Live concerts and other musical experiences are one of our main goals. During the year, running along the normal course of the classes, we at Jam Academy try to organize as many live concerts and projects as we can, involving both staff, teachers and students alike.

What we intend to achieve by doing so is to challenge the students with participating and organizing work-class gigs and concerts, to ultimately learn how to dwell and live in the music industry. Starting from the initial phases of deciding a track list to the public relation part, our students are always involved in this experiences.

During the years Jam Academy was lucky enough to partner with gigs and venues all over the nation. Here are some of our regular partners and some of our favorite venues.


jam auditoriumSchool concert room

Many of our small concerts  are held in the school concert room, able to sit up to 60 people, with a 15m^2 stage and fully equipped. This is the main stage for junior and kids concerts, along with masterclasses.

foro boarioForo Boario - facebook

UForo Boario is only a few km away from the scholl, approximately a 10 min car ride. Foro Boario can sit 200 people and yearly we use this venue to hold our summer concerts for the Rock & Pop and Junior classes.

blitzBlitz Music Pub - web

Blitz music pub is 20 minutes away from the school and can sit 200 people. It’s your classic rock pub, renowned all over the territory thanks to concerts and gigs held there by famous musicians. The stage is equipped with top notch instruments and amplifications and Jam Academy partnered with Blitz Pub for his Christmas Concert.

fondazioneFondazione Banca del Monte - facebook

Thanks to our partnership with the Cluster foundation and with maestro Francesco Cipriano, during the month of may every year our students from the Bachelor courses have the chance to play and showcase their skills in this magnificent auditorium in the city center, right in the cathedral piazza. It can sit 100 spectators.

teatro delk giglioTeatro del Giglio - facebook

The main theater in the city, teatro del Giglio can sit 800 viewers and is a classic “teatro all’italiana” with a 300 years old history. Thanks to our students preparation, Jam Academy is often called to provide fine musicians for the theater musical events.

professional teacher

Professional Teachers

Our teachers here at Jam Academy is composed exclusively by professional musicians, composers and teachers. People working here  love their job. The must have an advanced knowledge of the most advanced technologies in music teaching and an extensive experience in the music business.

The students are our main focus. Teachers, office personnel and tutoring activities are conceived keeping our students’ needs in mind focusing on two key elements: motivation and learning outcome of each end every student. Yearly our teachers undergo a routine update program to keep themselves on par with our M.A.D. methodology, founded by our head of departments Valerio Silvestro and Loredana Lubrano.

For more infos on every resumè we invite you to check the Italian language page here.



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Scholarships and economic facilitation

Jam Academy adopts a policy of economic facilitation towards deserving students enrolling for our 3 year courses (Rock&Pop and Bachelor of Arts). Thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca and Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, we are able to provide different ways for our students to cover for a part or the toal cost of the tuition. Yearly, during the month of April, many announcements for grants and scholarships are issued for the following year. The rules to apply for this scholarships are precisely stated in the official communications but generally the criteria are: Musical resume, studying results, economic difficulties and date of enrollmen.

This are some of our initiatives:

  • Scholarships to enrolling students
  • Learning Vouchers, with a potential coverage of 100% of the cost for the Bachelor of Arts
  • Discounts and payment agreements depending on enrollment method
  • Free courses offered by Jam Academy

The next announcement for grants will be published in the month of april 2017.
Ask to be contacted by clicking here.



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Course timetable

Every year during the month of September our office prepares a timetable with details concerning every lesson and course, keeping into account students possibilities, room capacities and teachers. Our goal is to match the needs of our many students and their parents, trying to build a lesson calendar which will be both functional and satisfactory.

  • For the Kids courses and the introductory courses, this is our priority hour span. Monday to Friday, 15:00 to 18:00.
  • This is the time slot allocated for the Junior courses. The 1 hour lessons are held mainly Monday to Friday, 15:00 to 18:00.
  • For the Rock&Pop courses, this year the allocated days is monday, from 15:00 to 21:00. In this time span the 4 levels alternate in different classes (Instrument and Live performance). Each students spends has 3 hours of lessons despite the level.
  • Our Bachelor of Arts and Higher Education courses (in the fields of Music Performance, Technology and Production) are held Thursdays and Fridays from 10:30 Am to 20:00 PM. In addition every students has a few hours of e-learning, done at home, and varying according to his study plan.
  • This is the time slot allocated to single students lessons, which are defined after giving the priority to classes and courses. Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 20:00. Every student can decide to book a time slot for long periods of time, even yearly, to book every lesson he paid for.

We remind you that our office is available to answer every question you may have regarding our schedules and time plannings, or to book a free trial lesson. Just click here.

students benefits


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Discounts, agreements and students services

For the purpose of making your stay at our facility the simpler possible, we have listed here all of the activities and services we collaborate with. They may offer discounts or extra services for all our students. To obtain this discounts and services please contact our offices by clicking here.

List of partner activities

  • Angelini Lucca
  • Punto Musica Lucca
  • Cd Star
  • Gabesco
  • Rockopera
  • Zimbalam
  • Audioline
  • Ego Wellness
  • Studi Medici D33
  • Centro Turistico Studentesco
  • Birdland - Libreria
  • Qui Radio
  • Club Scherma Lucca
  • Sonoria Studio di Prato
  • FP Recording Studio