professional sound engineering

Professional sound engineer

The sound engineer is the technician responsible for the sounds in a video or musical production of any sort. Sound and music is a core aspect of most medias and show products as spots, movies, or tv shows. In some cases sound is everything there is to it, like in cds and music production.


International Job classification ISTAT Sound Engineer

Classificazione Internazionale delle professioni (ISCO-08)

3 Technicians and associate professionals

35 Information and communications technicians

352 Telecommunications and broadcasting technicians

Job Examples

  • Producer
  • Sound engineer
  • Mix engineer
  • Audio recorder
  • Sound effect engineer
  • Music selector
  • Audio Technician
  • Special Sound effects technician
  • Microphone technician

Skill set

The skill set specific to a producer-sound engineer-audio technician changes according to the workplace and the kind of product needed. There is however a common knowledge base.

A Sound engineer must have a general knowledge of physics and acoustics. This is a core knowledge, especially for those responsible to place microphones for recording or those who mix and equalize music.

A Sound engineer must also have a vast knowledge of every machine used to record and produce sounds, keeping himself up to date with technology advancements. In particular, knowing how to use a PC or a Mac is a core knowledge.

Finally, as it is for every professional involved in music, a sound engineer must posses music sensibility and a vast knowledge of styles and generes.