Performer profession

Professional performer

A professional performes is one which is able to play a musical composition, writtn by himself or some other composer. He can either be a solo performer or a band member, work in an orchestra and so on.

The musical performer has a vast knowledge and is skilled on one or more instruments and possess a solid musical culture. At times professional musicans also work as music teachers in either public or private schools. His activities are focused both on the artistic aspect (arranging, performing in public) of his performance and the business/management one (promoting, looking for gigs).


National Job classification ISTAT Professional Performer

Economic activities ATECO

90 Attività creative, artistiche e di intrattenimento

International job classification ISCO

2652 Musicisti, cantanti e compositori


Performing a musical track


  • Tuning an instrument
  • Basic music history knowledge
  • Music Notation
  • Basic and advanced knowledge of music instruments
  • Music Theory


  • Applying musical techniques
  • Applying analysis techniques to a music piece
  • Applying listening techniques regarding timing
  • Applying execution techniques for a music piece
  • Applying sight-reading techniquesof a written piece of music
  • Applying solfeggio techniques
  • Realizing a writteng arranging of a musical piece


  • Harmony and arranging
  • Music History
  • Musical Generes
  • Musical Language and Notations
  • Executive models for instrumental pieces
  • Acoustic techniques of musical instruments
  • Synthesis techniques
  • Inoovative technologies in music Theory


  • Applying analysis techniquest of musical structures
  • Applying techiniques of musical arranging and orchestration
  • Applying listening techniques regarding timing
  • Applying sight-reading teachniques of a music score
  • Apllying solfeggio techinques
  • Promoting one’s own products through the internet