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Kids - Introductory courses for children

A real voyage into the music, leading the children to the discovery of the musical world. Through fun and sharing every main aspect of the sounds and music will be explored: Pitch, Tone, Volume, Duration and so on.
Learning to listen to each other and to ourselves we learn the music: the sound of our body, the clap of our hands, our steps, our laughs, our silences.
The kids will develop awareness of their voices and general knowledge of musical instruments through specific games, and they will focus on one of the main and simpler aspects of music making: Rhythm.

Jam Academy invites you to try our classes for one week. You’ll meet the staff, know our programs and you’ll have the chance to attend and live the school for seven days. Book your trial week, click here.


  • Payment methods: the course can be bought annually or 4 months at a time
  • One hour lessons, weekly
  • Lessons are held from October to May
  • Every class will have a maximum of 6-7 children.
  • In case of an early drop from the course the cost can be translated in other courses or lessons


  • It is possible to enroll throughout the year

You can make a free appointment with one of our teachers to get to know the structure and the courses and evaluate your level.