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Awards and International Accreditations
Edexcel accreditation code for Jam Academy: 90273

Our goal has always been to provide students with advanced musical courses and career paths, and we’ve done so by using the most advanced teaching methodologies available and using international qualifications. Thanks to the London Performers Examination Board (LPEB) of which Jam Academy is being part of, our institute can release qualificactions and title accredited by Pearson BTEC (an english institution for academic and professional qualifications), University of Bedfordshire, Trinity College (Examination Board).

Thanks to these partnerships Jam Academy horizons have broadened, focusing greatly on the issues of quality, innovation, realistic needs of the music industry and internationalization.

Our Bachelor of Arts (in the fields of Music Performance, Technology and Production) are released directly from British universities and institutions of the highest profile: Institutional approval procedures, course development, evaluation and certificates emission are regularly subjected to governmental procedures of quality control.

Among the courses we offer, thanks to LPEB we can provide Higher Education courses recognized throughout the european community: The Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Pop Music (fields of study: Performance, Technology and Production).


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Accreditation bodies educational institution Jam Academy

LpebLPEB - London Performers Examination Board

Since 1999 our team has been active in the music education and business fields. Our goal has always been excellence without compromises, striving to fulfill local needs and peculiarities.

The Glocal philosophy perfectly combines LPEB’s mission, always looking for the best possible educators. In other words: Diversity against Flattening.


BtecBTEC - Business & Technology Education Council

Edexcel, a Pearson company, is UK’s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications and testing methodologies to schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning and working throughout UK and internationally as well.

Edexcel is an english institution that emits certifications, both academic and professionals, complying with the standars set by the Common European Framework , designed by the European Council to set a standard in educational and professional certifications.

Edexcel fulfills two main functions, the first is to provide the educational centers with specific details on the study programs concerning the courses, the second is to oversee the quality of this courses as they are held in the facilities on the territory, thus ensuring high standards of education. BTEC was already known on the territory due to its work with foreign language certifications for Italian students.


TrinityTrinity College

Trinity College London is an Examinations Board (Certification Authority) British founded in 1870 under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent. It 'a non-profit organization that operates in more than 60 countries in the world and, in addition to English language certifications for students, releases initial and advanced qualifications for teachers. Trinity College London is an entity accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education for the training of teaching staff since 2001 and was a signatory of specific protocols and agreements with the Italian Ministry of Education and the Conference of Italian University Rectors.

Trinity College London is an accredited and controlled by Ofqual, the British authorities in charge of the validation of the certification bodies, is a member of associations ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe), EALTA (European Association of Language Testing and Assessment), and EAQUALS ENGLISH UK. The Trinity certificates are recognized by many faculties and universities in the United Kingdom and Italy. Trinity cooperates in different countries with ministries and governmental authorities on projects for the teaching of English and music, and for the assessment of student skills.

AmmAMM - Modern Music Academy

The Modern Music Academy, among the first schools to spawn in Italy, is now one of the most appreciated at a national level.
Solidly standing in the territory for more than twenty years thanks to a deeply rooted passion for music, the school gained experience in teaching and tutoring young students as well as professionals.
The tenacity of its founder Franco Rossi allowed  the staff to collect over the years an incredible amount of teaching experience. Constantly up to date with the more modern teaching technologies and contributing to the international panorama with the organization of masterclasses of the highest levels with internationally renowned artists.

Recently the AMM National School Project was born: an opportunity for teachers to interact with students all over italy, providing standardized education for each end every institute, allowing the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience. The opportunity to interact directly with students is an absolute necessity, hence, the new generation of teachers may find fertile ground for the development and proposal of new ideas.

Twinning and international agreements

daejin university gemellaggioDaejin University - Seoul Korea

In 2016 Jam Academy started a Twinning relationship with the conservatory of Daejin University in Seoul, Korea.
This agreement allows for the exchange of students between the two schools in order to promote aducational and cultural exchange. It offers the opportunity to study, work and live in the institute twinned. Exchange of information including curricula, policies and school events; learning resources, teaching materials and strategies. All of this is made to gain mutual understanding and sharing knowledge, and to offer the chance to study, live and work abroad for a period.

Public bodies: awards and certificates

Agenzia delle Entrate"Presa d'atto Ministeriale" Direction Regionale Toscana - Taxation Office

By application filed on 31/03/2008 concerning the relevant prior evaluation as "riconocimento" VAT exemption, given the technical opinion issued by the Regional School for Tuscany prot. n. 5308 of 22/07/2008, examined the documentation submitted by the company, states that the Training Education Courses Music performed by SEFORM coop society. soc. (Jam Academy Lucca) may qualify as educational services aimed at training, updating, upgrading and retraining.

camera di commercioCamera of Commerce of Lucca - Alternating School Work Register

Since December 2016 the academy Jam Academy, in support of the Association Music Academy Lucca, joined the "National School of alternation Jobs Register". Another small passoo for increasingly reduce the gap between the world of education and the music industry. Visit the official page Jam Academy enrollment in the National Register, click here.
Law 107/2015, known as "The Good School", provides for the students of the last two years and the last year of secondary school in second grade a mandatory route guidance of the total duration of at least 400 hours for technical and vocational schools and at least 200 hours for high schools.