If you want to study music in Italy it's important to choose a school that is not only able to release a recognized degree but also that can offer you full-time, accredited high tech training courses of Higher Education, and a methodology able to introduce you an international music market perspective on the music industry.

If you are graduating in music, you know that inspiration is a key component. As a place of birth of the opera and of the classical composers a music studio abroad in Italy will be memorable. Diving into a new culture could give you the opportunity to widen your way of thinking about music or giving you a new cultural outlook while earning precious basic credentials.

Our music courses in: Drums - Bass - Guitar - Keyboards - Vocals. Study with professional Musicians.

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Would you like to study music abroad in Italy?
About our Exchange Programs

Since its birth Jam Academy has been run keeping in mind its first objective: becoming a worldwide rerality in music education. Our vocational views of music teaching (Thanks to the  MAD System – Music Aptitude Development) and our extremely organized internal structure allowed Jam Academy to grow over the years, both in sheer number of students and international recognization.

Since 2016 we launched an exchange program between our students and foreign guest students. Our Structure resides in one of the major italian cities, cradle of a very fervent musical scene, thanks to the legacy of the most famous italian composer, Giacomo Puccini, who lived and died in Lucca. For more details on the city, click here.

Our exchange program covers a finite time span during which the students will have the possibility to study and live our city and our academy. The course program are decided in advance and in details with our teachers and experts to accomodate the needs and necessities of the students.

>For more informations on how to organize an exchange with Jam Academy you can contact the person in charge of the exchange programs. You can phone to +39 0583 937566 or you can just click here.

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What is an exchange for us

Our exchange program has the objective of developing international collaboration and cultural exchange between music schools all over the world and Jam Academy. Our program is focused on three main goals: Learning (honing one’s skills through studies and practice, following our MAD System), Knowing (discovering our culture, our habits and our city and country) and Sharing (to learn how a different culture can help to define one’s own).
We stringly believe in the inherent growth that resides in an exchange program and all our efforts are put toward helping the students to spend some quality time in an unforgettable experience.

cosa e per noi il gemellaggio

How to organize and Exchange

The school or foregin academy instertested in a potential exchange should ask for a Skype/Facebook appointment with the person responsible for the organization writing a mail at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. or by calling the +39 0583 957566.

The details regarding the study program will be discussed after clarifying a few crucial points: Number of students, Musical Instruments, time of permanence, potential recitals or concerts at the end of the courses and guided visits to the city.

Costs and logistics

Once the offer is clarified, our team will work on an effective proposal for a specific study course for your students. Jam Academy will cover every aspect concerning the learning and teaching, the lessons timetable and the realization of concerts and show to end the study program. Unless particular agreement occurs, the search for facilities to live in and transport specifics during the students permancence will be on the incoming schoo’s responsibility.
A price per student will be defined, comprehensive of what will be agreed upon during the organization phase.
Our goal has always been to offer state of the art music teaching experiences and thanks to our neverending search for new methodologies and skill, we believe we can offer all of this at a fair price.