live concert

Live Concerts and Activities

Live concerts and other musical experiences are one of our main goals. During the year, running along the normal course of the classes, we at Jam Academy try to organize as many live concerts and projects as we can, involving both staff, teachers and students alike.

What we intend to achieve by doing so is to challenge the students with participating and organizing work-class gigs and concerts, to ultimately learn how to dwell and live in the music industry. Starting from the initial phases of deciding a track list to the public relation part, our students are always involved in this experiences.

During the years Jam Academy was lucky enough to partner with gigs and venues all over the nation. Here are some of our regular partners and some of our favorite venues.


jam auditoriumSchool concert room

Many of our small concerts  are held in the school concert room, able to sit up to 60 people, with a 15m^2 stage and fully equipped. This is the main stage for junior and kids concerts, along with masterclasses.

foro boarioForo Boario - facebook

UForo Boario is only a few km away from the scholl, approximately a 10 min car ride. Foro Boario can sit 200 people and yearly we use this venue to hold our summer concerts for the Rock & Pop and Junior classes.

blitzBlitz Music Pub - web

Blitz music pub is 20 minutes away from the school and can sit 200 people. It’s your classic rock pub, renowned all over the territory thanks to concerts and gigs held there by famous musicians. The stage is equipped with top notch instruments and amplifications and Jam Academy partnered with Blitz Pub for his Christmas Concert.

fondazioneFondazione Banca del Monte - facebook

Thanks to our partnership with the Cluster foundation and with maestro Francesco Cipriano, during the month of may every year our students from the Bachelor courses have the chance to play and showcase their skills in this magnificent auditorium in the city center, right in the cathedral piazza. It can sit 100 spectators.

teatro delk giglioTeatro del Giglio - facebook

The main theater in the city, teatro del Giglio can sit 800 viewers and is a classic “teatro all’italiana” with a 300 years old history. Thanks to our students preparation, Jam Academy is often called to provide fine musicians for the theater musical events.