Keyboard and Piano lessons

Our Keyboard and Piano lessons are focused on learning the fundamentals of modern contemporary music, be it for beginners or advanced students. Piano lessons can either be individual or class hours, with classes being formed with students with similar learning needs.

For students between age 6 and 12 years old our school offers a Junior course (1 hour per week class lessons) during which students can be introduced to the basics of music and specific keyboard features. Aside from studying theory and technique rudiments, students will learn to play simple melodies. Furthermore many of this students will be asked to perform in front of an audience during some of the many live activities held in the school..

For students over 13/14 years old our school offers Rock & Pop courses with a weekly attendance of 3 hours, split among piano lessons and live performance workshops. Students will learn how to read music, play chords and musically relate to other musicians and instruments. Jam Academy has based much of its learning experience in live performance workshops where the students can develop fundamental skills such as interplay, listening, tone care, creativity and many more.



Furthermore, advanced students will be able to engage in our Higher education program (Bachelor of Arts in Performance or Technology and Production) certified by London Performers Examination Board, Trinity College, Edexcel and University of Bedforshire. We suggest to book an appointment with our educational tutor.

Book a meeting with one of our teachers to get to know the structure and our programs. Furthermore Jam Academy Offers you the possibility to try our classes for free for one week.

Here we list our different courses, divided into base and higher education:


Higher Education