Higher Education in contemporary music
Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Pop Music

Our B.A. is released directly by British universities and boards of the highest levels, Institutional Approval procedures are held during the courses to control the quality of the service we provide. New possibility to enroll the Bachelors from January, write to the tutor.

  • Study area: Performance – Technology and production
  • Intruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards/Piano, Horns and woodwinds
  • Director of Studies: Valerio Silvestro, Loredana Lubrano
  • Attendance: Part Time (a selection of subjects) or Full Time
  • Duration: either September - June or January - December
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The Higher Education courses held at Jam Academy are built to help everyone who intends to study music in a serious, professional and in-depth way.

The Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Pop Music is based upon the models of the most advanced music schools in the world. Its main goal is to achieve a thorough and all-around preparation of the students, extending from the core techniques on the instruments to the study of musical theory and harmony, ear training, complementary piano, sight reading, critical listening, live music performance, interplay and so on. Our teaching and learning method is base upon a revolutionary use of the body as the main instrument in the music performance (Music Aptitude Development system). Our focus is to practice music making and live performance, having the chance to do so with some of the most proficient musicians and music teachers in Italy.

Video promo - Concerto studenti corsi Bachelor of Arts - Piazza San Francesco Lucca

Courses structure
Performance address

The Bachelor of Arts courses in Music Performance is split into three separate years of study (September-June or January-December). Every years is divided in two phases at the ending of which the students will have to attend a test for every subject he enrolled (both performative and no performative subjects).
The courses are held weekly over about 12 hours (varying depending on stages and internships) of performative lessons over 2-3 days, while the non performative subjects will be done in e-learning.

Apart from the normal class hours the students will be able to participate in stages and internships. During the year Jam Academy organizes masterclasses and clinics with teachers and professionals renowned all over Italy and the world: Katie Leone, Fred Wesley, Cristian Meyer, Alain Caron, Andrea Braido, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, Claudio Fabi, Mara Maionchi, Marcus Miller, Rita Ciccarelli, Neco Novellas, Danny Bronzini, Rashmi Bhatt, etc.

Course Enrollment

  • Early enrollment discount from April to July
  • Regular enrollment in September and January
  • Scolarships and grants every April

You can make a free appointment with one of our teachers to get to know the structure and the courses and evaluate your level.