Vocals and singing lessons

In this years of teaching singing and vocals we at Jam Academy have found out which, we think, are the fundamentals elements to develop a healthy and informed vocal experience. For a long time singing skills were developed far from scientific knowledge and from the rules of vocal hygiene.

The time has come to separate art from technical skills: the singer becomes an athlete and vocal techniques is in service of art. A modern singer is an aware performer who can express “in Voice” what he wants to artistically imply, with an eye on the past, retrieving his roots and restoring popular tradition.

We work with our students vocal skills and abilities to allow them to develop their specific attitude inside a fixated and structured course of study. Our Higher Education courses are certified by London performers examination board, Trinity College, Edexcel and university of bedforshire. For more infos click Here. Vocals and singing lessons can either be individual or class hours.

Book a meeting with one of our teachers to get to know the structure and our programs. Furthermore Jam Academy Offers you the possibility to try our classes for free for one week.

Video Sound Tribe - Alta Formazione in canto. Direzione artistica Loredana Lubrano

Here we list our different courses, divided into base and higher education:


Higher Education